About us

A dream

The Milenium Gallery opens in the city centre on 7th March 2014.

As an economist dedicated to the business world for a very long time, I decided to create the Milenium Gallery at age 31. To me, the gallery was like a child about to be born.

At 21 I finished my studies in Economics, a discipline full of theories and rules. Although it is not very empirical, being based on hypotheses far removed from reality, I’ve always liked economics. However, it seems that the only direction that a student who enters that branch of studies can take is the finances sector or his future will be ruined. Thus, I ended up working for a financing company in the capital of Ireland, amidst harps and toucans sketched in the round chins of Native Americans.

But there is a time for everything in life. The time came to be immersed in the world of training. It’s a great thing to do, despite the scenarios we are placed in by the fluctuating decisions of outdated politicians.

Fortunately, traces of my family upbringing kept me away from the alienation we are subject to in today’s society. In my opinion, intangible beauty is worth much more than a piece of paper with someone’s face printed on it. Perhaps I owe that to my parents, who forced me to see one room of every museum they took me to during my childhood. At the time it seemed to be pure torture. I’m not sure when the world began to come to a halt when I gazed at a work of art, but I do know that it is how my interest in art began.

MILENIUM GALLERY is the offspring of the La Zubia Art Gallery, a family gallery that was born three years ago and has shown works by painters with extraordinary talent, such as Galán Polaino, Antonio Capel, Pedro Roldán, Josep Baqués, Germán Aracil, Manuel Barahona and Francisco Trigueros, and some young artists whose extensive resumes point to a promising future, such as Albert Sesma and Antonio Barahona.

Today we open this gallery to those who feel that the world is turning so fast that they would like to step off and hold back time while they gaze at pure beauty.

Alberto López.

Director of Milenium Gallery